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Therapeutic Contract



All the information given to the therapist by the client will remain confidential and will not be shared with anyone else, with the exception being the planning of a crime or any intentions the client has to harm him/herself or anyone else.




The therapist will try to help the client accomplish the client’s therapeutic goals in the most effective ways possible, based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). For this to happen, a cooperation is needed from the client’s side. Part of this cooperation includes completing any homework that may be given. Said homework may be in written form (such as diaries) or applying different techniques that the client will be taught. This homework has one objective: for the client to grow and learn as much as possible.




An appointment means a therapeutic session between one or more clients and the psychologist, which may include psychological evaluations, diagnoses, and/or treatment. Each appointment will be booked in individual time slots that may vary in duration depending on the type of session:


a) For one-on-one sessions, the total duration will be forty-five minutes (45’).

b) For two or more clients simultaneously (couples or families), the total duration will be one hour and fifteen minutes (1h 15’).




The therapist will always need a minimum of one working day notice (a “working day” means the period of time from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday) before rescheduling or cancelling the appointment. For example, if the appointment is on Monday, the deadline to cancel or reschedule said appointment is Friday by 6pm at the most.

In the event of a last minute reschedule, cancellation, or no-show (“last minute” meaning any period of time that does not fall upon the definition of a working day), the client will have to pay a penalty fee of twenty-five euros (€25), which will not be covered by OAY or the client’s insurance. This fee will have to be paid in full for the client to have the right to book a next appointment and continue the therapeutic treatment.

The psychologist reserves the right to terminate therapy for clients who regularly cancel at the last minute, do not show up to their appointments, or avoid completing homework. Because of limited available time slots, the appointments will be reserved for clients who are really committed to their treatment.




In the event of the client arriving to an appointment past the scheduled time, that time will be, in all cases, considered as elapsed from the scheduled slot. The client will have two options to choose from to move forward this point:


I) The client may proceed with the session as scheduled until the completion of the remainder of their allocated time slot. For example, if the booked appointment is at 6pm to 6.45pm and the client attends at 6.15pm, then the session will last thirty minutes. This means that the session will be charged as normal, regardless of how much time the client has missed.

II) The client may reschedule or cancel the session. This will be considered as a last-minute event and therefore treated under the provisions defined in section 4 above.

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